Begin van de Downswing

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – I find too many players unsure about how to start the downswing. Too often I see players using their arms and upper body too early in the downswing in an effort to generate club head speed and all they end up with is mis-hits and short shots.

The highest club head speed you can generate will come from the rotation of the body and the arms and club being whipped through the impact zone. The hands and arms do have their part to play in the process but it is nowhere as large a part as they do for most players.

In this video I explain a feel drill I have used with players for many years to help them start the downswing correctly. It is a simple drill but it has huge results especially for players who have spent many years fighting sliced golf shots and short drives. I am sure it can similarly help you to start the downswing correctly and also increase the distance you hit your golf shots.

Making a swing change is never easy, but there is a best way to go about it so that you can make the change as quickly as possible.

De in deze getoonde instructies worden aangeboden door Derek Hooper, top-instructeur bij de Royal Oaks Golf Academy, Houston, Texas.
Derek is erkend als een van de beste docenten in de staat door Golf Digest.