Basis: Putten

Golf Lessen met Derek Hooper – I have always felt that putting is the easiest part of the game. It requires little strength, endurance, flexibility or speed and thus with some practice every player can become a proficient putter. Despite this many players still find it difficult to make as many putts as they would like and end up wasting too many strokes on the greens.

In any round of golf you will play approximately 40% of your shots with a putter. Thus the skill of putting has a huge influence over your end score. Yet most players will rarely give this skill the time and attention it deserves. Knowledge of and focusing on a few key putting fundamentals can make a huge difference to your scores on the course.

In this video I detail the grip, set up and basic stroke mechanics as well as share a simple drill that will help you to build a strong foundation. Through implementing these suggestions along with a little hard work, you can improve your putting and thus lower your scores.

De in deze getoonde instructies worden aangeboden door Derek Hooper, top-instructeur bij de Royal Oaks Golf Academy, Houston, Texas.
Derek is erkend als een van de beste docenten in de staat door Golf Digest.