Meer kracht in uw golf swing

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – I meet a lot of players who want to have a more powerful golf swing. The majority of these players are trying to swing harder and harder to generate that power and the results they typically get are very inconsistent contact and trajectory with their shots.

I see too many players that are using their body incorrectly in an effort to generate club head speed. They use the smaller muscles of the arms and hands too much as well as the upper body, all while neglecting the need to use the larger muscles of the lower body.

The other key ingredient is that all this speed is of very little use if you do not a solid foundation to work from. Can you imagine what it might be like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe? Swinging the club quickly from an unstable base is very similar.

In this video I explain how you can use the ground to give you a solid foundation for your golf swing as well as how to use it and your lower body to produce a powerful golf swing. Follow the drills in this video and you will be hitting longer shots very soon.

Now that you have developed a more powerful golf swing, you may want to consider some ways to give you shorter shots into the green.

De in deze getoonde instructies worden aangeboden door Derek Hooper, top-instructeur bij de Royal Oaks Golf Academy, Houston, Texas.
Derek is erkend als een van de beste docenten in de staat door Golf Digest.